6 Easy Tips On Styling With Vintage Rugs

Written and produced by Amel Alyamani

Detroit Rug Restoration makes finding the perfect vintage rug easy. We have an online shop full of unique treasures vetted by rug experts! The hard part: deciding where to put it. We’re rounded up some easy rug styling tips that warm up your home and make every room a standout.

1. Counter all of the stainless steel in a kitchen with a textile 

A vintage runner in front of the sink instantly upgrades your kitchen. And with a  rug this striking, nobody will even notice the dishes in the sink...


2. Think in multiples!

Layering rugs is a great way to bring color and energy into a room. Pick rugs with complimentary colors, but don’t match them perfectly, so you don’t lose the patchwork vibe. Make sure to pair these rugs with subtle decor, especially other prints on bedding, throws, etc.


3. Work your angles.

Rugs don’t need to align with the edge of every piece of furniture; you can create rooms within a room by angling the rugs.


4. Go big AND go home

A large area rug is the perfect balance between wood flooring and carpet, chic and comfortable, that minimizes that terrible feeling of putting your feet down on cold hardwood floors in the morning. It’s an easy statement piece for the bedroom!


5. Get a grip

Vintage rugs are a favorite no-slip solution to slick bathroom flooring  (Did you know we also sell quality rug pads cut-to-size in our online shop?). A medium rug looks great in an open-layout bathroom and provides stability and comfort for clean feet, and a runner or smaller rug is great for narrow spaces or at the foot of a sink. Also, marble and hand-woven rugs make a striking combo!


6. Keep it clean

Ragged and ripped rugs are never stylish, and rugs in high traffic areas will experience wear and tear. So a good cleaning, disinfecting, or repair will revive not only your rug and room but make for a healthier home. It’s important to clean your rugs to remove dirt, allergens, animal hair, dust, etc…

Detroit Rug Restoration makes it easy to get your rugs cleaned and disinfected with our Click-to-Clean service (which features flat rates based on sizes and free shipping both ways!) Click below!