Schedule Repair

Thank you for entrusting DRR with your rug cleaning or repair. 

Please complete and send all fields in the form below, including images of your rug and its damage if possible, so we can make an assessment and provide an estimate.



When our repair department receives your inquiry, we will review the comments and images and follow up by email within 24 hours with a quote for cleaning and disinfecting the rug(s). Also, depending on the type of repair needed we may be able to quote that service as well in our email.

If we need to see your rug(s) before we can quote the repair work we will ask that you ship them to us. We will send you the packing sleeve and shipping label for your rug(s) and all you need to do is slide the rug in, close up the ends, apply the label and drop it off at your local UPS store. We will cover the cost of shipping both ways as long as you are, at a minimum, having us clean and disinfect your rug(s).

When your rug(s) arrive (usually within one week), our repair manager will follow up by email or phone with some recommendations on repair options and supply a repair estimate. 

Once the repair estimate is agreed upon, we will ask that you pay the cleaning/disinfecting cost plus 50% of the repair cost as a down payment. Most minor repairs require 30 days to complete, though some major repairs may take longer, depending on the complexity of the repair. For any repairs lasting more than 45 days, the customer will be sent a bi-weekly progress report on the repair.

If you do not wish to move forward with the rug repair(s), you will only need to pay for the cleaning and disinfecting. Detroit Rug Restoration will ship your clean rug(s) back to you at no charge. 

In the very unusual case that you change your mind about cleaning/disinfectant and you don't want any repairs, we will ask that you cover the shipping costs back. 

Our goal is to make this an easy process and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We back our guarantee with over 75 years of craftmanship and experience with the world’s finest handmade rugs. Thank you for putting your trust in Detroit Rug Restoration. 

***  Customers in the Detroit metro area are welcome to have us pick up your rug(s) or drop them off at any Hagopian location... find us at