About Us

Angela and Edmond Hagopian, custodians of a storied Detroit rug cleaning company founded by their grandfather in 1939, recognized a growing movement for layering vintage rugs and a more relaxed attitude toward mixing them in the modern home.

Building on their family’s rich entrepreneurial heritage, the brother/sister team introduced a new division of the 80-year old company, emphasizing the art of preserving handwoven and hand-knotted rugs.

Detroit Rug Restoration houses one of the few workrooms in the country to offer specialty handwork, like reweaving, fringe replacement, color restoration and resizing, breathing new life into heirloom pieces.

Located in the company’s flagship headquarters on 8 Mile Road, Detroit Rug Restoration also maintains an online shop of structurally restored rugs— some handsome, weathered favorites of interior designers and other captivating displays of expertly rendered designs—in varying states of repair.


Some may consider these rugs to be at the end of their life cycle, but we know there is so much life left in them.”