At Detroit Rug Restoration, we embrace the idiosyncrasies that give a rug its personality.

We employ many of the same ancestral techniques to preserve and restore treasured family heirlooms or museum-quality antique rugs to their original splendor. For those who prefer a weathered patina, we offer repairs that keep vintage rugs in good, livable shape.


We happily service all needs—no matter how small— and offer a free online inspection of a rug in need of repair or restoration.

Detroit Rug Restoration Loom with Yarn

While handwoven rugs have an incredible resiliency, they are also susceptible to the curiosity of a new puppy, to moth damage, to heavy traffic or even a sizable piece of furniture dragging on an area over time. Sometimes the solution is simple fringe replacement or selvage reinforcement.

Rips or large holes in an antique piece, whether a Persian rug or an antique kilim, involve more extensive restoration, like rebuilding damaged or missing warp, reknotting pile even recreating and reweaving missing motifs.

For cherished pieces that may seem beyond repair, we find creative solutions with what can be salvaged, like giving them new life in a different shape or form as a runner, a wall hanging or a one-of-a-kind cushion.


over edging

restoring the edges by hand sewing new wool yarn along the length of the rug

yarn sourcing/dying

matching the right yarns for your restoration


an inexpensive solution to prevent edges from fraying


tightening knots or recreating missing motifs

knot dyeing

reducing the visibility of weaver’s knots that can appear in older rugs

hand sheering

removing the tips of the pile to either restore the color or the texture of the rug

fringe replacement

restoring or replacing fringe (handmade or readymade)

color restoration

adding color back to areas that have been damaged

stain removal

using a variety of solutions to remove all matter of stains


restoring the shape of a rug or helping it lie flat by tacking it down for a period of time

size alterations

cutting down in width or length or create a different shape


putting two rugs together to fit an unusual space

Rug repair by hand at Detroit Rug Restoration

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