Petite Peshawar

This small, vintage Peshawar Rug was hand-knotted in Pakistan using hand-spun wool.  Beautifully muted color palette of gold and sienna provides a ray of light in any room.  Lush thick pile.  Condition is good.  
2.9' x 3.9'

Peshawar rugs are named after the region they are woven in – (in this particular case Peshawar, the ninth largest city in Pakistan). Located on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in early days Peshawar was a significant commerce and trade center in the region. Today, it is renowned worldwide for the fabulous rugs that are created there.


Peshawar rugs are hand knotted rugs that are created using locally hand-spun wool. 

The tribal weavers use only dyes from plants and vegetables that are native to the region. The two distinctive shades of Peshawar rugs are golden and ivory. The choice of colors gives the rugs their distinctive antique appearance and the weaving techniques give the finished rugs that subtle variation in shades that is characteristic of Peshawar rugs.

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