How to Select a True Vintage Rug

by Vanessa Murray

What’s old is new again and you’ve begun the search for the perfect vintage rug to help add character to your modern living room or your contemporary farmhouse kitchen. But how can you tell a real vintage rug from a new rug that simply has vintage look patterns? What should you look for in a vintage rug at a estate sale, yard sale, or vintage rug seller? Here is a quick guide to help you choose a rug with lasting power. 

Choose your store wisely.

If you are looking for vintage, you’ll want to find a store that specializes in that. A general furniture or home goods store that has new or mass produced products probably won’t also specialize in unique one of a kind vintage rugs. Different stores have different specialties. Find one that prioritizes vintage rugs.

Focus on fiber content.

Quality wool plain and simple is the very best material. A quality wool rug

will wear better and look better as it wears than any other type of rug.

Some of the newer materials, like viscose, look wonderful, but they are

very difficult to care for and stain easily. Check to see if the source you are

buying from lists fiber content for you to further evaluate your potential



Search for the story

Not every vintage or antique rug can be traced back to its origins, but it’s a

good sign if the company you are purchasing your rug from can give you

some information about what kind of rug it is and where it comes from. If

your particular rug has less information, try looking at the rest of their

inventory to see how much they know about their rugs.


Be open to different rug conditions.

If you’re searching yard sales or estate sales for vintage rugs, don’t be

discouraged by a little bit of dirt. All rugs should be cleaned and cared for,

so it’s all right if your antique beauty needs a little extra TLC. Rug cleaning

services can be easy and affordable. Even if you can’t find one in your area, you can use this one with free shipping! You can even find rug repair

services to make mends to wear and tear in an rug.


Embrace the unique.

We already know you do. That’s why you treasure vintage antique, one-of-a-kind finds. Keep that in mind as you look for your rug. It may surprise you what you are drawn to in your search. Happy hunting!