Behind-the-Scenes at our "Happy Feet" Photo Shoot

Produced by Amel Alyamani, Ellen Antworth, Harper Calhoun, Emily Kiernan

It's been a very dry month (all of the locals are talking about it), but the day of our photo shoot it rained buckets and buckets, of course. Still the DRR communications team powered through, showing up in rain slickers and smiles and determined to share some of the amazing rugs--recently posted to the online shop--in a new and engaging way. 

One goal was to continue the series of one of DRR's more popular campaigns of last year, "Happy Feet" with some of these newly posted rugs. Harper coordinated pairing the rugs with cool shoes (raided from her very fashionable mother's closet). 

Only one small fashion emergency caused panic and an "all hands on deck" moment; a zipper on a boot was stuck and we couldn't remove our model's foot from the shoe. Luckily someone had chapstick and that helped to grease the teeth and relinquish it's grip.

Ultimately we captured some beautiful pictures, which we hope will move rug lovers to head directly to our online store to shop these treasures. They're even more beautiful in person and we're only sorry to have to return them.