Antique Chinese Peking Rug

Circa 19th Century, this very unique pictorial Chinese rug depicts at the top a four-clawed dragon peeking through vibrant blue clouds representing the Heavens.  

5.0' x 7.8' and condition is good. 

Below this dragon with the beautiful blue background, another dragon is shown on an ivory background and depicted emerging from the earth wrapped around a large tree.  

The dragon is a celebrated symbol of China and is deemed a beneficent emblem of good will protecting every event in life. It is considered an auspicious animal rather than a frightening beast.  The dragon represents the mystery of life, the power of nature and the glory of creation.

 Inside the striped outer border that frames this rug is a row of blue cloud motifs.  Alongside these motifs is a water design in ivory depicting sea waves reflecting the movement of water.  The fish motifs circling the inner border are representative of good fortune.

This rug encompasses symbols representing the spirit of nature and of life itself.  The design permeates the mythic Chinese cosmology that dragons are chariots of the sun controlling the wind, rain and weather, limiting the course of rivers and maintaining the integrity of the Heavens. G601-3966

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